ABOUT AIVATEK - Digital Product Experts Salt Lake City
AivaTek is a place where innovators come to learn, discover and grow. We are made up of bold and creative thinkers that come from every walk of life. We are a cohort of experienced IT professionals, with the distinction of having worked with clients across the globe, in providing exceptional software development, web development, application development, and digital marketing services.
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We always focused on
Great Digital Experience

A group of leading software development experts welcomes you at AIVATEK. We are a cohort of experienced IT professionals, with the distinction of having worked with clients across the globe, in providing exceptional software development, web development, application development, and digital marketing services.


About Aivatek

When you feel overwhelmed with all those requirements of running an online business, Aivatek steps up to help. We, being highly experienced and committed marketing professionals, bring forward the best solutions for small to medium-sized companies.

If you’re setting up your business and need professional help to make things run smoothly, Aivatek is here for that. We’re a team of passionate digital marketers, web developers, designers, and SEO specialists who know all the jargons to make a company successful.

Since having a firm digital presence is inevitable in this time of IoT, Aivatek presents all solutions that’ll reinforce your brand image. Whether you need a clutter-free website for your online store or wish to have a personalized app within a minimum budget, you’ve hit the right nail by approaching Aivatek.

Our bespoke website designs, compelling marketing campaigns and unique mobile applications will make your name stand out and boost its reach.

Aivatek was established to empower small businesses that need apt-yet-affordable digital solutions to reach beyond their limits. We stick to that aim and are determined to provide each company with a dependable, exclusive, and smart digital presence.

What makes Aivatek unique?

You might have come across a bunch of digital agencies already, but Aivatek will surely be your last one. Our firm reputation, affordable pricing, and innovative ideas make us one of the best digital marketing agencies present out there. The overwhelmingly positive response from our happy customers keeps us going, and we’re continuously expanding our services to include everything an entrepreneur/amateur would dream of.

  • Affordability

Keeping all services affordable for our clients has always been our prime goal because the budget is considered the biggest hurdle for most. When you get a premium package with not-so-premium rates, it boosts your business and helps you gain that long-awaited status without slashing a huge budget.

  • Seasoned team

Our team is the best one in terms of communication, service provision, and compassion. We understand the concerns that a new client might have and come up with timely solutions that eradicate half the issue. When you get an expert opinion about your already existing or non-existent website, you understand the pros and cons related to it. Aivatek doesn’t just sell its deals to every client; we communicate and develop a strategy that helps you in the long run.

  • Variety of services

When you have to contact different agencies for web development, SEO, app designing, and internet marketing, it’s a huge hassle. However, Aivatek provides all necessary digital services in one platform to make this jargon comfortable, quick, and scan-able for you.

Let us know your business’s requirements, and we’ll provide you with an efficient strategy without costing a lot.

Transforming Business with Innovative Solutions

Our Mission

Client satisfaction remains on the top by delivering them with the best of technological solutions that are right in accordance with the demands and desires of clients.

Our Vision

To stay abreast with the cutting edge technologies and developments and play our part to add value not only to our clients’ operations but to the society as well.

We Listen

We listen to our clients. We come up with the best solution possible after knowing the plans and objectives of our clients’ business. After a thorough analysis of our competence, we take up the task to eventually pull it off.


Our range of services spans over the website, graphic design, system development, and custom programming to make it under one roof for the ease of our clients.


Our whole focus is on providing you with the best solution to your problem. Instead of selling you the gadgets, we listen to your problem and attempt to offer you the best of strategies to resolve your problem.


We are passionate about working on great projects. We like to challenge ourselves, for it vouches thriving. We care for our clients and for that if we have to stay late, we would just do, to make things Just Fantastic!