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How much does a PIM software cost in 2021?

How much does a PIM software cost in 2021?

Before the introduction of the data age, companies used to deal with data management on
paper sheets and sheets of excel. With the age of data, companies with extreme amounts of
data are now moving to tools that track their product information and this data for them help
them make decisions.
E Commerce is an ever-changing landscape, and with the addition of new sales channels like
retails stores, print catalogs, dealers and personal selling, it is becoming impossible for human
hands to manage the data. All this can be handled through PIM software. Ecommerce
Marketing teams are now able to use this data to make informed decisions and set their goals
only because of the reporting and analytics provided by the PIM software.
Keeping all this in mind, we have researched for you so you don’t have to do it and compiled
how much a PIM software costs in 2021.

What exactly is PIM software?

A PIM software helps manage product data across multiple product distribution channels. Due
to its centralized structure, all the teams have instant access to that product data in an
organization as the real-time single source of truth.
PIM software covers data that assists in all the aspects of selling.
This includes, but is not limited to, the product catalog, product descriptions, SKU product
attributes, pictures, product resources, guides or technical specs, videos, and any relevant
reference numbers, production information, and warehouse information.
Some of the most well-known brands out there in the market are PIM systems like Akeneo
(Open Source and Enterprise), Salsify (Enterprise), inRiver, Pimcore (an open-source option),
and Apimio. If you are looking to purchase PIM software you should check out our list of prices
and their comparison is given below.

Important PIM Software Features

Some of the features that PIM software often includes are stated below:

  • Product Content Management (PCM)
  • Product content management (PCM) involves overseeing content around the
    product, such as interpretation, characteristics, benefits, product names, and more.
  • Product data management (PDM) is more about the data of the product, including
    cost, sales data, units of measure, technical specs, and more.
  • Catalog management ensures you can manage product data across your entire product
    catalog, as well as manufacturing benefits such as images, logos, and videos.
  • Data enrichment involves upgrading the overall standard and precision of the product
    data, through pulling from more data sources, with more clarity, and providing data cleaning
  • proficiency.
  • Relationship management (CRM), acquire order management, order execution, and more.

Product Experience Management Software (PXM): PXM software is closely related to PIM
software, but PXM software adventure. It’s meant to help ensure clients find exactly what they
need, regardless of which income or e-trade platform they may be in, focuses extra on the
consumer’s enjoyment of the product, through the entire customer appearing with.

PIM Software Cost in 2021

As with any type of software, costs can vary greatly depending on the type of software and the
different needs of users. The same is true of product information management software.
Factors that can affect the cost of PIM software include licensing fees, customization,
implementation, schooling, a wide variety of customers, and any ongoing upkeep. Once you
pinpoint your needs in terms of every one of those factors, you’ll be able to nail down a quite
exact value range for the kind of software you need.
Costs for PIM solutions may be broken down into fees associated with analyzing your desires,
aligning the solution along with your corporation, imposing the answer, and licensing fees. Once
you determine every one of these classes, you’ll have a better idea of what the general cost of
PIM software is going to be
Each business is going to require different things from a PIM solution. So the PIM solutions
available in the market focus on different USPs.

Different PIM software that you can consider (depending on your budget)

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