How to ensure that an idea for an App is perfect!

How to ensure that an idea for an App is perfect!

As the Internet and Smartphone technology becomes increasingly common and accessible to people around the world, Apps have become a need of the modern hour. There is an App for literally everything, from Communication to Entertainment. Whether you open WhatsApp on your phone to chat with your friends or you switch to Microsoft Teams for professional correspondence, there is an App offering you services tailored exactly for your needs. According to a report by Business of Apps 2019, an average user spends approximately 3.75 hours on their smartphone out of which 52 minutes are spent only watching videos on TikTok everyday. In the year 2019, over 200 billion Apps were downloaded worldwide, global consumer spending topped $120 billion and $57 billion was spent on Mobile App Advertising. Based on this data, it is safe to say that Apps have great potential to serve as an avenue to generate money.


However, there are billions of Apps available on online App stores but only a few turn into a common household name. What did the owners of these Apps do differently? Was it their luck or the brilliance of their idea? Well, it has to be both! Every person that comes up with an idea for an App, eagerly waiting to develop it, is aiming for success. However, it is important to ensure that your idea for an App is actually worth your time and investment. In this blog post, we cover some of the ways you can ensure that your idea for an mobile App development is actually as amazing and unique as you think it is.


Look for the perfect opportunity
Covid-19 took the world by storm, a global pandemic that nobody suspected. Educational institutes, commercial centers, recreational centers, all were shut down and people were left with no choice but to stay indoors. However, the smartest developers found opportunity amidst an international crisis. If you want to create an App, you too must observe the world around you to discover the perfect opportunity. As covid-19 restricted human interaction, many Apps were launched that provided goods and services to people with in the safety of their homes. Similarly, since all corporate correspondence was shifted online, many Apps were introduced to enable professionals to connect with one another. It is crucial to identify the perfect opportunity and create an App that fits it perfectly. However, it is also important to understand that the Tech and Software industry is extremely fast-paced, so in order to avail a wonderful opportunity, one must be quick and proactive. In a highly competitive App market, you can not afford to slack because if you do, it is likely that somebody else will cater to your targeted audience before you. Furthermore, you can not afford to spend years perfecting your App before you launch it because by the time you make it available for public use, the opportunity may have already passed! Hence, it is significant to keep a lookout for opportunities around you and also pursue them proactively and efficiently.


Unique Selling Point (USP)
When you have an idea for an App and you are all set to begin the development process, you need to stop and think of your app’s Unique Selling Point (USP). Why must the user choose your App over your competitors? Why must they try it at all? Every great App has something they offer that gets its users hooked. Don’t be scared, your App’s USP does not have to be something complicated, it can be something as simple as an extremely friendly and easy-to-navigate User-Interface (UI). Users might feel more comfortable with your App because of its UI. Similarly, you can carefully examine what your competitors have to offer and think of a way to outdo them. For instance, you may offer backward compatibility that most Apps similar to yours don’t offer i.e your App is compatible with older versions of iOS devices as well as the latest, hence catering to a wider user base. Think of your USP as the main attraction your App offers and build your App around it.


Researching your idea thoroughly is essential for your App’s success. You must understand every aspect of your App and believe in it before you are able to sell it to someone else. Make sure that when you have a great idea, you don’t get too excited and begin the development process right away. You must do your research to see any unforeseen hindrances you may encounter in the mobile application development process and think of ways to tackle them. Sometimes, there search phase leads to people not choosing to pursue an idea at all, because they are able to identify the limitations in the App’s idea, design, features, marketability, etc. Therefore, it is important to conduct an in depth research concerning even the most minute and insignificant aspect of your App.


Studying the market
Studying the App market pertinent to the niche you are aiming to tap, is a great way to analyse the scope of your App. Studying the market includes assessing the market size, potential competition, past financial statistics etc. You must be up-to-date with the latest advancements in the App market especially concerning your App’s design, model, user base, features etc. This will allow you to adjust your ideas according to the current circumstances of the App market.


Surveying your potential users can be an effective strategy to analyse and improve your ideas.It will allow you to compare your ideas with the expectations of your potential user base. Conversation Do not underestimate the power of a good, constructive conversation. Talk about it with people you trust the most. Discuss ideas with friends, family and colleagues to see if your idea gets theright response.


Feedback for your MVP
Often App developers launch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version of an App. It is the most basic version of an App launched online for public use, with all of its primary features incorporated. This is a great way to record user response for your MVP and enhance your ideas for new features, based on your user feedback.


This is an important aspect to think about before you begin developing your App. You had agreat idea for an App but does it include the strategy to monetize it? It is a simple question about the return you are expecting for investing your time, energy and resources into developing an App. It is important to think about it at the very beginning so you can align your monetization plan with your App’s design, for instance, In-App purchases, Paid installments, Upgraded features, Ad revenue, Subscriptions etc. You can choose one or various monetization strategies, however, you need to have a clear plan to maximise your App’s profitability,beforehand.


Wireframing is developing a storyboard for your App. This is a great way to assess your ideas because it allows you to view your App from your targeted user’s perspective. There are many softwares/tools available online that allow you to sketch your App’s design/UI and play with features like icons, navigation, commands etc. It is an effective method to analyse what worksbest and allows you to refine your ideas before you begin the development process.


The App industry has seen a dramatic boom over the past decade, especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Virus. It is safe to say that the App market will continue to flourish and cater to a unified global audience. The amount spent on Mobile App Advertising is expected to exceed $240 billion by the end of 2021. Based on research and statistics, App development will continue to serve as an avenue for earning money, however, it remains crucial to analyse your idea for an App thoroughly before you act upon it. Carefully analysing your ideas, identifying limitations and exploring opportunities for improvement will ensure success and increased profitability. If you perfect your ideas right at the very beginning, you are likely to save time and resources through the development process. Therefore, when that light bulb on your head turns on, hold on to that thought while you assess your idea to see if it really is wonderful and unique or it is just a false alarm.



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