Your app developer writes the fate of your app

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Your app developer writes the fate of your app

The widespread use of the Internet and smartphone technology has made it mandatory for businesses to have an online presence. Websites are great, but with the increased accessibility to smartphones, apps are a need of the current postmodern era. As Covid-19, a global pandemic took the world by storm affecting economies internationally, apps helped businesses stay afloat. Mobile application development for businesses is a significant medium to offer goods and services to a widespread clientele, especially amidst an international crisis where physical stores remain closed due to a partial/complete lockdown. Business owners or service providers looking to develop an app need to engage the right team for the process. The most extraordinary idea or vision for an app remains a dream unless a suitable team is employed. One may think that they can develop their own app with the help of online tools and softwares, however, for an app that is truly impactful and offers a great user experience, it is essential that a professional and experienced developer is taken aboard.


Searching for the perfect Mobile App developer

Looking for an app developer can be a tedious chore. However, it is significant to be patient and committed through this phase, to ensure that you make the best possible choice for your app.Every business owner aims to hire a team that is their safest bet as nobody has the time or resources to use a trial and error strategy. Looking for an app developer requires a lot of research, however, it is important to understand the dynamics of your project before you begin.Do you need a skilled app developer or you require a team of developers? What are the features you need to integrate in your app and do those features require specialised attention?

Following are some of the places where you can look for a developer.


● Social network
Looking through your network of friends and family can be a great way to find talent. Even if someone from your social circle can not offer you app development services directly, it is likely that they may know someone who knows someone that is an excellent developer. Looking at your social network first can be a great way to find a trusted resource. Also, if you are lucky you may get an “acquaintance discount!”


● Educational Institutes
Looking at colleges and universities that offer degrees in software development is yet anothergreat method to find a developer. The graduating lot in software development are often lookingfor projects to do as a part of their thesis. Students and fresh graduates may not have anextensive experience but their software knowledge is fresh and their passion is strong. They arewilling to invest a great deal of time and energy into a project and also do not charge as muchas an experienced professional.


● Freelancing forums
There are a number of websites online that serve as a platform for freelance app developers from across the world. You can look through their work portfolios and analyze testimonials to see if you find a suitable option. Often people engage affordable freelancers to develop a(Minimum Viable Product) MVP version of their app and later go on to hiring an experienced professional to employ more advanced features on the app.


● Web development companies
Web development companies and software houses are a one-stop-shop for all your app development needs. You will find all the right resources for every phase of your project under one roof. Often people are scared away by the idea of getting in touch with a company because they fear it may cost them a leg. However, that’s not true. Companies tailor their services according to a client’s budget and also aim to offer maximum value for money.

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Things to look for in an app developer

Following are some of the things you must keep in mind when you look for an app developer.


● Portfolio
It is important to look at a developers portfolio to assess the quality of their previous work. Youmay ask them for apps that are currently available on online app stores for regular use. Adeveloper with a vast portfolio will be well versed with every aspect of developing an app, hencemore prepared to tackle any challenges that may rise in the process.


● Expertise
Depending on the type of your app and the features you wish to incorporate in it, It is crucial forthe app developer to have expertise in that particular area. The vast experience of an appdeveloper will not benefit you if it isn’t pertinent to the functionality, features or the market ofyour app.


● Reference
It is always great to work with someone that has been referred to you. It would allow you to feelat ease with the idea of hiring a developer if somebody you know has already had a greatexperience working with them.


● Price
It is important to keep your budget in mind when you look for a developer, however, it must notmean compromising on quality. Every great partnership is built on trust, hence, when hiring adeveloper, it is important to be honest about your budget.


● Correspondence & Support
This is an important thing to look for in a developer. What is their attitude like during their correspondence with you? Are they irritable? How willing are they to support you and offer you advice? A developer that openly and honestly communicates everything concerning your app and offers you genuine advice based on their experience will be a delight to work with.


● Timeline
Time is an important aspect of the app development process and it is essential that both partieshave a consensus over it. Your app developer needs to be comfortable with the timeline yougive them in order to be efficient with their job. It is important for you to be realistic here.


● Quality Assurance & Maintenance
It is important to work with an app developer that understands your relationship as long term. The job of a developer is not just to design and deliver the app, but also to offer quality assurance, necessary maintenance, and upgrade as required.


The pros of hiring an app developer

Hiring an app developer or a team or a mobile app development company to design your app has a number of advantages, for instance; You remain in control while also getting all the help you need. Since you direct the person or team you hire, you can carefully monitor the progress on your app and ensure that it matches your vision while your app receives specialized attention. Some may argue that hiring a developer can be costly, however, an experienced and professional developer may offer you cost-effective solutions that help you in the longer run. Developers are well versed with various aspects of the app market that a common person may not pay attention to. Hiring a professional developer/team means you sign up for quality. There is a stark difference between apps created by professionals and amateurs. You have a high-quality end product that is able to offer a great user experience, hence making a great first impression on your targeted users. App developers have a greater insight into the app market and sometimes even the niche of your product, which enables them to offer attention to detail. A professional who knows what they are doing is likely to help you save time. Imagine working with someone that needs to do the same thing thrice before they get it right. Hiring a professional app developer/team will ensure on-time delivery of your app.



If you have an idea for an app, you must start looking for the perfect team because it may take more time than you think. Keeping in mind all the important traits of a good app developer/team, you may begin looking in your social network, tech schools, online website, or even better, app development companies. The app developer/team will be your guide and support through all phases of app development, app delivery into the online app store, and quality assurance.



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